1. Prefabricated Crude oil refinery
  2. Engineered housing units 
  3. Specialized Water purification plant 
  4. Agriculture ( Mechanized Farming, Fish Canning, etc.)
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Power and Energy (Hydro-Electric, Turbines, Solar, etc.)
  7. Oil and Gas (Exploration, Refineries, Exports, etc.)
  8. Solid Minerals (Mining, Exports, etc.)
  9. Infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Malls, etc.)
  10. Transportation and Aviation (Sea and Air planes, Shipping, Hangers, etc.)
  11. Manufacturing (Auto, Bicycles, Fashion, Water plants, etc)
  12. Mass Communication Technology (Phones, Computers, Internet, etc.)
  13. Resorts, Hotels, and Tourism Development
  14. Dredging and Canalization; Land Reclamation and Shore Protection
  15. Auto Manufacturing
  16. Development of Fertilizer Plants
  17. Development of Seaports, Airports, and Railroads
  18. Development of Hotels, Stadiums, Malls, Company Towns